Cannafest Tradeshow 2018

9th International Trade Show of Cannabis and Medicinal Herbs

Every year, Prague rounds up for the world’s largest cannabis trade show unlocking the full potential of the cannabis industry.

Captures of the Cannafest 2018 Event

This event was the 9th International Trade Show of Cannabis and Medicinal Herbs, that took place in the premises of the PVA Expo Prague exhibition complex in Prague, Czech Republic.

Featured 280+ exhibitors from all over the world, introducing and educating cannabis related products like natural cosmetics, hemp specialties, original clothing and ecological building materials.

It was such a pleasant experience for the IC editorial team to have participated and met with organizations involved in raising awareness about cannabis and its medicinal benefits as a universal plant.

We found many interesting products for sale like growing equipment, seeds and vaporizers, food and beverage, and skin care and cosmetics. (To see list of brands, click here). Speakers, doctors, and scientist like Dr. Iiya Reznik from Israel and Dr. Radovan Hrib discussed the use of cannabis in chronic pain treatment. There were also members at the European-American Cannabis Business Conference who raised topic regarding the economic collaboration between Europe and the Americas.

Overall a very enlightening program, if you missed it – be sure to mark your calendar for next year!


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