RESURGE Honest Review From Customers: What’s REALLY inside the Formula (2021 Update)

2021 Review – Our Editors at Influencer Creation are investigating the hype around Resurge, a nutritional supplement that is currently the top-selling, most recommended deep sleep and diet supplements in the weight loss market.

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Brand Overview – Everything You Need To Know

Resurge is currently the top-selling, most recommended deep sleep and diet supplements in the market.

Resurge claims to be the only product in the world that contains 8 special nutrients blended in the exact amounts that can help boost deep-sleep, burns fat, and heal the body naturally overnight.

Imagine a fat burning sleep aid supplement that improves your physical, mental, dietary well-being while you sleep.

But can Resurge really help you lose weight while you sleep?

At first hand, Resurge looks like any diet pills with ambitious claims to promote weight loss.

As we continue our research, we noticed the ingredients inside Resurge contains all natural nutrients that you would find in the organic vitamins and supplements section.

Furthermore, Resurge is the only vegan collagen capsule that has 8 special nutrients blended in the right amount.

Which means rather than taking separate supplements (such as magnesium, zinc, etc.), you can try taking Resurge and improve sleep, stress, and excess weight – all in one.

Real customers from Resurge are saying it is a credible product. According to reviews, formula found in Resurge are backed scientifically.

Click here for the scientific references from their official website

Our Inside Look at Resurge:

Who is it for?

Resurge is recommended for both men and women above age 18 who wants to sleep better, and take care of their health.

Especially during these stressful times with Covid-19 and with everything else happening from 2020, it is physically and emotionally draining to most people at home who are:

  • not sleeping enough
  • not moving enough, and not aware of any weight gains
  • not doing enough self-care for their body and mental health

We believe that this may be one of the legit reasons Resurge customers are taking the supplement.

Because adding Resurge into your daily health routine is an effortless, affordable way to turn your health around, taking a step closer to resolve the poor diet, poor sleep, and poor exercise problem.

“Cures the root cause of unexplained weight gain…metabolic slowdown”


From our research, Resurge looks more like a vegan-friendly capsule nutured by nutrients than just any diet supplements in the market. This is our honest breakdown of pros and cons:

100% organic completely natural ingredients that provides essential nutrients – no side effectsNot available for purchase anywhere else (like Amazon, 3rd party eshops, etc.) – You’ll have to buy it directly from their official website.
Promoted Deep Sleep scientifically proven (this is a big win for us)Not for children, pregnant women, or nursing mothers
Natural anti-aging and fat-burning solution. Help lose weight due to the natural boosting metabolism propertiesDoesn’t help you sleep right away – it requires consistent use for at least a few weeks to notice improvements in your sleep cycle. *Also to be clear, it is a natural nutritional supplement and NOT a replacement to prescribe medication or sleeping pills.
Affordable price $49 There is a discount now on their websiteSlow results in weight loss. It takes real commitment and consistency of use for several weeks. Needless to say there is no such thing as an overnight miracle pill.
Approved by FDA and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certifiedDue to the product is selling so well, there are scammers creating fake websites selling Resurge and offering more than 90% off the retail price.
60-day Money Back Guarantee – gives you enough time to see results and for any reason you are not happy, you can get refund without question.Limited stock – check the supply availability here

We dig deeper into the ingredients found in Resurge, and discovered it does have a unique healing properties in their deep sleep and HGH support formula:

  • Arginine 1200 mg – essential amino acid, helps immune system and regulate hormones.
  • Lysine 1200 mg – another essential amino acid that produce collagen and helps in fatty acid metabolism.
  • L-Theanine 200 mg – natural stress reliever (also found in mushrooms and tea leaves) helps decrease stress level and increase energy levels
  • Ashwagandha 150 mg – ancient medicinal herb that helps alleviate stress, cortisol levels, and sugar levels.
  • Hydroxytryptophan 100 mg – produces serotonin, elevates mood, fights depression
  • Magnesium 50 mg – production of energy (ATP) and more – essential for regulating biochemical reactions in the body
  • Zinc 15 mg – fights off invading bacteria and viruses
  • Melationin 10 mg – A hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. The ingredient that enhances Deep Sleep

Click here for the full list of ingredients on the Official Website


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Resurge Review

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It is safe?

Resurge contains 100% natural nutritional formula, so yes. However, if you are pregnant, nursing, or have a medical condition or concerns, you should consult your physician first. Also it is important to note, we are not licensed healthcare professionals. Our review is not meant to treat or diagnose any illness. The is for informational purposes only.

Where is it made and Who is behind Resurge?

Resurge is made in USA, GMP certified and approved by FDA.

Resurge is found by health professional John Barban who owns a numbers of prestigious degrees in the fields of physiology, biology, and nutrition. If you research him, you will see that he has been dedicating his work in helping people lose weight by discovering the link between deep sleep and weight loss.


Our Verdict & Thoughts

If we not discuss about brands and labels for a minute, we stand by taking care of our body or health from within.

It is clear that taking an organic approach in order maintain balance and improve health has worked. Personally we have used natural supplements (such as Ashwandha, Primrose oil, Zinc, etc. – more on our Influencer Health segment) and these essential nutrients have been studied and proven to be beneficial to our overall mind and body – this is all backed by science.

Click here for more scientific references



As far as we know, we recommend Resurge mainly because of two reasons – 1) Resurge tops other brands by blending all these enriched nutrients in the required amounts tackling both physiology and psychology matters with diet and deep sleep. Also 2) remember, if you take it and for any reason not satisfied, you can get money back.

Don’t forget that Resurge is exclusively available through Resurge.com

You can get the best deal from Resurge here from their official website.

Other shops that is not their official website who claims to have this product is a scam.

The negative comments or reviews about this brand from unsatisfied buyers may perhaps be the following reasons:

  • People purchase knock-off brands who claim to be from Resurge
  • Customers who did not see results right away
  • Resurge company has a different business model regarding how they choose to sell their product unlike other dietary brands. – Understandably, this could cause potential customers to feel skeptical.
  • It may be difficult find reliable product information available online – which is why we want to give this honest review

Did you know? We build our space below where readers and customers can comment and review this product. See ratings below.

Resurge Review
Our Verdict
Resurge is more of a vegan capsule produced in collagen and with natural nutrients than a diet pill. Our honest opinion, if you haven't been sleeping well, or noticing any excess weight gain, then you should consider trying them. However it is not for people who are not consistent in taking their vitamins and supplements as it does require commitment and patients. Our Verdict: Referring only to the ingredients found inside Resurge, it is in fact all-natural and risk-free..
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