4 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Influencer Marketing

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What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is a powerful social media outreach that involves brand ambassadors and influencers. – “The most effective word-of-mouth marketing strategy out there”.

Although influencer marketing has been around for many years, it is still undoubtedly a popular digital marketing strategy to date.

One of the reasons is because influencers have their own community outreach. They are the trusted figures who hold a remarkable influence over an audience of social media and mobile users. They communicate through channels, mainly Instagram, that comes with a cool 1 billion monthly active uses as of 2018 – all of which could potentially be your customers.

Is your business new to influencer marketing? If you would like to orient influencers to your marketing mix, here are our 4 little-known factors that could affect your influencer marketing.

1 Do not overlook engagement rates.

Most brands look for influencers with massive followings and forget to check the engagements. This number actually determines how many people (out of the number of followers) would engage to their content. The higher engagement, the better. These days, 10k+ followers doesn’t mean anything if no one reacts to the posts.

2 Do not micromanage.

The whole purpose of working with influencers is to deliver a fresh new perspective. By interfering with your influencers‘ creativity means you are just implementing the usual advertising content. The point is to embrace your influencer’s voice. So step aside and let the influencers do what they do best – create. You will notice a significant difference while acquiring new followers on the way.

3 Value the partnership.

Remember, influencers are your partners and your very best customer. Let them know they are valued. Show more appreciation by offering them the support they need and make sure both of your interests are aligned. Nothing is more motivating to influencers than supporting their personal branding.

4 Aim for long term relationship.

Whether it is working with one influencer or multiple micro-influencers, building a long trusting relationship is key. Try to do one campaign and track the progress, then if successful, determine if your influencer is fit enough to take over the next campaign permanently. This will help you expand in brand exposure as well as more marketing initiatives.


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