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Strategy Parsed and How to Use it

Strategy is a term widely used and explained in thousands of books, websites, courses and lectures. Great strategists shared their knowledge for example on YouTube. Many great strategists as for example Hannibal have been analysed. Strategy is a word with a meaning that has not been understood by all of those using it. It is an understanding used in diverse and complex ways.

However, I believe strategy itself is not so complicated. To actual follow up with a strategy can be a struggle though. In this article I will give every letter of the word ‘strategy’ a purpose. Hopefully, it will clarify and help you to implement strategy in the most meaningful sense.


No matter for what kind of period your strategy counts you must start working on it. You are working towards your goal or in another word: finish. The strategy is the method to go from your start and reach the finish. Just realize that when you have reached your finish the next start already has to be made.

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There are many theories to be found about strategy. I believe a strategy itself is a theory. It is an explanation of how you will achieve your goals. There are good and bad strategies, the same as with theories. Even with a bad theory success can still be made and with a good theory it is possible a goal will never be reached.


Just as the set goal a strategy needs to be realistic. You cannot require resources that are out of reach. Or look from the other side, you cannot eliminate sources if they are really required to succeed. With a strategy you should ask yourself the question how you will do it. You cannot answer that question in an unrealistic way. It must be realistic otherwise your strategy will be a bad one.


Strategies need to be adaptable. With a strategy you will always try to avoid and eliminate the risk. Be aware that a strategy is not a guaranteed way to success. Especially, when the conditions change. You must adapt your strategy if the circumstances require it. Therefore, a certain flexibility should be taken in account by setting up your strategy.


Without a good technique you cannot make success. Success is mostly not something that you get thrown on your lap. You must work for it, earn it. Getting recognized by just others but not by yourself is not success. Choose a good technique that suites your strategy and the right techniques that help to achieve your goals. Innovate but stick to your strategy. Use techniques and study the old. Use the success of others to create your own. There is no need to invent the wheel again.


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Strategies cost energy. It is your movement from the start to the finish. The phenomenon reflects a race. I cannot come up with a race that does not require energy. You also need to have personal energy to make your strategy alive. Make sure to pass on this energy to the persons involved. The chance of a successful strategy is way higher if all the participants are energetic.


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Every game starts somewhere, usually with even nothing. You play a game because you like it, you want to entertain yourself and of course you want to win. A strategy is like a game, you must start before you can win. Winning in this sense is reaching your goal, having a good strategy. A strategy also needs to entertain you. You have far more chance to a positive outcome if you enjoy what you do. Strategies are also applicable to many games as many games require you to think how you want to pursuit your victory.


A strategy is the method you choose as an answer of how you will achieve your goals. If your strategy is successful it is time to yield. Do not forget that if you want to yield again you must evaluate. Regardless the outcome, goal met or unmet, evaluating will help you to create better strategies in the future. If you did not yield now, you will learn from things that did not go well. Learn also from it when your goal was reached so a next time you will excel.

Feel free to share your comment below or contact me personally. Hopefully by reading this article you get a better understanding of strategy. Moreover, I hope the word ‘strategy’ does really mean something to you now.


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