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Beauty captured through lens by photography influencers. What really goes in photography.

What (Really) Goes Into Photography, Content That Works

Anyone can take a camera to point and shoot at something. Does this mean anyone can become a photographer?

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Capturing pictures are almost effortless considering you can get creative with technology these days. What’s challenging and most intriguing, however, is not what you take, but how you create.
Visual content creators believe good photography isn’t just about the gears and techniques. In fact, it is a combination of many things that mostly factor in the imaginative areas rather the technicality. Obviously, you do need to know how to work around a camera.

Why do some photographs “work” and are more appealing as oppose to others? Surely there must be some kind of framework for photographers. Before we go further into understanding what really goes into photography, you have to remember one thing – there are no rules, only elements or components of photo composition. Applying these basic components in photography is like painting on a canvas. Except you don’t start with a blank canvas, you get to frame and distinguish preexisting elements on that canvas (unless it is a studio photoshoot).

So what goes into photography?

Technical Know-How

The following that will be mentioned are predictable information that you could find in any photography influencer blogs & workshops – that is, knowledge of basic composition like Texture, Size and Scale, Color and Contrast, Tone and Value, Light and Shadow, POV (Point of View)/Shooting Angle, etc.  

Once you acquire practical experience with these concepts, you’ll eventually be able to adjust to the basics of photography. In which at that point you will understand yourself better as a photographer and a creator getting in touch with your perspectives.

Influencer Creation

Artistic Vision

Influencer Creation

As much as it is essential to recognize these elements in photo composition, the next component is what many notable photographers and photography influencers kept sharing repeatedly.

They suggest that the most vital part of photography actually boils down to one important aspect: the vision.

What you envision how you create is what makes the entire content compelling. Once it’s already set in my mind’s eye, more than half of the work is already done. Now all you got to do is click.

I believe the creative photographic adult is the sensitive fun-seeking child who has survived.

Michael Skorulski @beach_life_delight


The energy captured in photos are most perceptible in shots of people and animals. And most times happen spontaneously when comprising at the right moment with the right setting, mood, and activity.

Visuals can speak many words and express tons of different emotions depending on what photographers or models want the image to convey.

Influencer Creation
The Fun and Playful

The Sweet and Innocent
Influencer Creation
The Subtle Sophistication

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