Glamourous Event for Beauty Influencers: INTERBEAUTY PRAGUE {2021 Update}

Beauty Influencers and Enthusiasts Keeping Up with the Lastest Beauty News and Trends

There are quite a number of beauty magazines and other beauty-related outlets across the continent that shape the trends and insights of the industry. It can be overwhelming especially for beauty influencers to keep up with all the latest trends, and having to research and conduct product trials in order to share their results to their followers. Although most influencers use their own creativity and originality to become their own trendsetter (thus the term “influencer”), but it is also necessary to have a strategic means to get all the updates and stay on top of the curve – at least for the inspiration and recreational purposes. Otherwise, where else would new ideas generate from?

Learning is a constant process of discovery – a process without end.


Keeping it Professional in the Beauty Industry


Most of the sources to discover these trends can certainly be retrieved online, such as digital fashion/beauty magazines, beauty niche blogs, tutorials (YouTube), etc., also don’t forget to scroll down your Instagram for tips by beauty gurus!

Besides that, the real influence is through attending trade shows and networking events. Sure, you don’t have to participate in every beauty/fashion week every week, but to get the right kind of exposure and exclusive information, it is highly recommended to do some offline activities by visiting these expos/events every now and then. This goes for all of the industries, but especially when it comes to beauty and fashion, where competitors are popping up so fast..(faster than a new version of anything by Microsoft needing to be updated!), attending an event at least once or twice a year could serve you a long way.

Try searching for an upcoming beauty/fashion expo at your nearest location and see for yourself. It is indeed a powerful way to network with like-minded crowds and very informative as there will be brands showcasing interesting new products and concepts. Bear in mind, in order to accomplish maximum benefits, you do need to have the will to learn and passion for embracing new things.


Glamourous Event for Beauty Influencers!

Every year, The International Fair INTERBEAUTY PRAGUE, organized by INCHEBA EXPO PRAHA, holds a Spring and Fall event in Prague, Holesovice exhibition center.

The event presents the top trends in the beauty industry introducing, but not limited to, cosmetics, nail design, skin and hair care, and health & wellness lifestyle.

An interesting segment on the latest natural textiles, organic foods, herbal, bio cosmetics, natural supplements and more with dozens of exhibitors.

Source: interbeautyprague.cz

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